Special Budget Friendly Financing!!!

Consulting/Coaching Financing

Consulting/Coaching Financing

Great News!!! I'm excited to be able to provide my clients a solution to a HUGE problem keeping most of us from achieving certain goals in life, which happens to be lacking the funds to make an important purchase or not qualifying for much needed credit. I have been provided a unique option in which my finance company will provide a soft credit check, and work with my clients that have excellent credit to challenged credit down to a 580 credit score. So, this will not in any way negatively affect your credit score. Also what makes this opportunity truly unique is that rarely anyone is turned down and the monthly payments are incredibly low so you can afford your much needed sessions to get your life in working order moving in a positive direction. So this is very "BUDGET FRIENDLY." I was once told "Fear plus Negativity equals FAILURE!!!" No need to allow fear and negative thoughts keep you from your destiny a second longer. It's time for being PROACTIVE and SELF HEALING!!! Let The Healing Haven be your SAFE PLACE!! Act Now!!!!

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